Oil pastels...Techniques

So it's my first page in a my art journal and I thought I'd try something that I've never tried before...oil pastels. I wont say that I loved it but it was a process and I might try it again..First I am by no means an expert, just sharing what I've done you can google oil pastels if you want more information.

Here is my rough sketch. ( Very rough! Ha ha !)

This is the first layer of oil pastel, looks much like crayons. I had to go back and add a thicker layer on top.

After you have a really thick layer, you need to scrape off the layers of pastels.

You'll end up with alot of this...
I will caution you at this time to make sure your working surface is covered as this does creep onto the back of your project as well as all surfaces! These scrapings are not dry like crayons but oily so I had to take a dry paper towel to wipe off any excess.

I wasn't that thrilled with the results so I took another towel to wipe (rub off) off anything that was left.

I used small circles to rub off off the rest and was able to manipulate the oils to cover the center of the circle.
Still not loving my results so I had to add to it..

Seriously I do not work for this company but I LOVE their products ! I have mentioned them before, they make the Moon Glow sprays I am always using. I found them at a scrapbook convention but you can find them online at Lindys Stamp Gang. The colors are amzing, you should go check it out! This is one of their Starburst sprays and they come in these really vibrant colors and have a metallic sheen to them, this is "sweet violet".

Added some words, kinda where I'm at right now. "Looking" is a stamp set, the other words were freehand. Still seems to be missing something so lets try a mask...

Just a simple circle and some stamping...

And a little metallic paint splatter.
And there you have it. Art Journal, week one.

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