Ahhh week two of Your Lifetime Story challenge - scrapping my baby pictures was a lot harder than I thought! (Yes this is me!) First there is a LOT of editing to do on these ancient (lol) pictures, second I am so spoiled! I am used to printing whatever size I choose to scrap but if I blow up these pictures (that I scanned) they come really blurry! So I have to scrap little pictures. :(

Also I haven't quite got into a groove, not really sure what I want to say...I guess that will come. One thing that was fun is that I picked this quote (because I didn't know what to say) and it ended up with this months theme, "Possiblity" at Scrapbooking From The Inside Out. How cool is that?

Another cool thing is I used two of my favorite paper lines; the middle is Websters  and the top and bottom is from GCD Studios.

One of the tools I am loving lately is my ink blending tool!
Seriously, for less than $5.00 You can totally change things up! Above the flowers on the Websters were white. The GCD paper was black flocking on off white paper. I wanted to make the two lines go togther so I dabbed my inking tool into pink ink and applied it to my papers in a circular motion. I gives a pastel feel and I love it! I can also go back and make some sections darker than others or add other colors. (Which can look very cool - I have a sample but I can't show you yet! And no I do not work for Ranger! LOL!)

I did use Glimmer mist on my white Prima rose as I wanted just a hint of pink.

On this shadow box for Project 52 I changed the flowers from white to orange and the tree trunk from white to brown using the same tool and technique.

Can you see the angel in th top left hand corner? He is watching over baby girl, I did this box for her. She is always creating and singing (like her mommy). I wanted it to be like a fanatsy, magical and fun. Oh and did I mention she thinks she is a princess, hence the crown.

She is surrounded by beauty and imagination. Wisdom (owl), music (notes and a song bird) and nature representing growth. (The papers are from Websters.) Sometimes it's fun to do something out of the box...or in the box...You know what I mean!

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