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mm award from my girl Heidi. I don't ususally post these, but this one is extra special because of who its' from. My girl Heidi is an amazing photographer and scrapbooker and she is only 14. She is in the youth choir/drama team I direct. She loves God and her family and you should check out her blog and leave her some love! How many 14 year olds do you know that have it this together? This is one of her pages...

My Lifetime Story begins in 9 Days!

I hope that everyone had a very blessed Christmas! As 2009 draws to a close I am getting so excited about the My Lifetime Story Challenge!

The My Lifetime Story challenge begins in only 9 days! The My Lifetime story challenges will begin the first Wednesday in January. A new challenge will be posted each Wednesday all throughout 2010. This is YOUR autobiography. You will  create this album about your lifetime story, you will be leaving YOUR LEGACY OF FAITH. This is an album that can make an impact in your life as you create it, but it will also create a major impact in the lives of your family both now and in future generations.

I have already had a peek and begun the prep work for my layouts and I have to say these girls have done their homework! It's a little harder for me as I have no background info on my family (thats another story for another day) but I want to make sure my kids will have information that I did not!
You can get more info and participate in this challenge at Faith Sisters!!
Ok so it's not until Thursday but in case you are home and want some scrappy inspiration my friends over
at Citrus Tree Studios
are having a cyber crop new years eve!

Scrapbooking! Now thats my kind of fun!
One of the hard things about being on a Design Team
is that while I am working on next months challenges the board is working on this months theme. The theme for January is "Possibility", perfect for the new year! I finished all my DT work for January and was able to squeeze in one of the fabulous challenges at Scrapbooking From The Inside Out

This is a sampling of many things I was busy doing this December. Here is the challenge:

What would you need to know or to believe to have a lasting inner peace? Have you ever felt it? What were the conditions that brought you that feeling? How much do you think you create inner peace as separate from your life circumstances?

Please create your first PEACE layout about a time when you felt a sense of inner peace.

For the design twist, please use something that opens and closes for a secret look inside...

I also used one of my tags from above for this layout!
Wishing you a little peace friends, thanks for stopping by!

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