The countdown is ON!

Tonight before my 7 year old went to bed he showed me 6 fingers - 6 days until Christmas! The kids are so excited! They just cannot wait until Chirstmas! I, on the other hand need those 6 days! I have been busy doing projects that of course I cannot show on my blog yet! (Presents, design team stuff for next month - I'm sure you can understand!)  Tommorow is the last day of performances! Hooray! I get to take a break! Well, for a couple of weeks anyways!

Heres a little something I designed for the kiddos to be able to visualize how many days are left before Christmas without asking me a hundred times a day! (Papers are from Websters.)Today we had a dress rehearsal for tomorrow, I had some helpers come over and we made some surprizes (about 60) for the kids tommorow!

Lucky for us the snow has stopped falling but the kids are still enjoying it! Well, the little ones are - the big ones want nothing to do with it! Here are some pics...

         Notice the tires on the car?
The kids built a little shelter with the neighbors.
I hope you are staying warm where you are!

Well I don't have a layout to show you right now but how about a challenge to share? As you know this month is about Peace at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out here is one of this months challnges:

"What would you need to know or to believe to have a lasting inner peace? Have you ever felt it? What were the conditions that brought you that feeling? How much do you think you create inner peace as separate from your life circumstances?

Please create your first PEACE layout about a time when you felt a sense of inner peace.For the design twist, please use something that opens and closes for a secret look inside..."

I cannot answer this without thinking about God and who He is in my life. I have inner peace and joy all the time regardless of my circumstances. I have peace and joy because I know who I am in Christ and that He is in control. When things settle down I hope to do this challenge on paper, it's good to reflect on God's goodness and I am a blessed person.  If you have read this far I hope that you too find peace and joy daily, I hope that you will seek Him, especially now at Christmastime...After all He IS the reason for the season.

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