What about the children?

On the last day of the month I wanted to remind you of the blessing of adoption. I had a neighbor come talk to me the other day about adoption as she and her husband are considering adoption. One of the questions I am often asked is what if there is something wrong with the child? How can I be sure it will be OK. I have heard horror stories... Well there are no guarantees that something wouldn't go wrong with your biological children. If your children develop something you deal with it, help them the best way you know how. The honest truth is that there are no guarantees in life- no matter who you are. But I know that a child in the system- even one day is going to need unconditional love. If your bio kid develops something you can't send them back... These kids have never had stability, if you are not sure.. get more info. Maybe you are not called to adopt but to stand by a family that has. What can you do?

We are incredibly blessed by many people who do what they can in their own way. I have one friend who doesn't feel like she can handle all of them but will take one out at a time. For ice cream or whatever. I have another who prays for our family everyday - I cannot tell what a comfort that is to me. I have one person that gives my son a ride home from youth group - and is keeping him accountable. Having Christian adults as mentors for our kids is invaluable! One friend will take any kid at the drop of a hat- or all if needed. I have a lady who gives us hand me downs, they are in beautiful condition. These people have been such a blessing to our kids and to us as a family.

I believe anything you can do in the life of a child is so important - volunteer your time, your resources, your talents...I promise you, you can make a difference!
Here is the hidden journaling for this page:
If we can make a difference in the life of a child you can change the world – I believe that. I took this picture in August at an outreach for inner city kids. I was so proud of my kids (the kids I work with). I have worked with some of these kids for four years and they are amazing. I put them on the spot- a friend of a friend needed help at the last minute with an outreach she was doing. One of the teachers didn’t show and she needed something to fill in. I talked to my kids about and they were willing; within minutes they were teaching the hula! Just for fun, something they had just learned themselves but here they were reaching out to these kids.
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If if this hasn't touched you so far, how about this song?

"What about the children?" sung by Yolanda Adams
Tears streaming down, her heart is broken
Because her life is hurting, so am I.
He wears a frown, his dreams are choking
And because he stands alone, his dreams will die.
So, humbly I come to you and say
As I sound aloud the warfare of today
Hear me, I pray...
(chorus)What about the children?
To ignore is so easy
So many innocent children would choose the wrong way
So what about the children? Remember when we were children
And if not for those who loved us and who cared enough to show us
Where would we be today?
Sir, where is your son, where lies his refuge?
And if he can't come to you, then where can he run?
Such a foolish girl, yet still, she's your daughter
And if you will just reminisce your days of young...
You see, it's not where you've been, nor what you've done
Because I know a friend who specializes in great outcomes
See, His love overcomes
What about the children? Don't just turn and walk away!
What about the children? They need our love and help today!
What about the children? Remember when we were children and if not for those who loved us
and who cared enough to show us, where would we be today?
Where would we be today? What about the the children?
http://www.jango.com/music/Yolanda+Adams?l=0 Please listen..This is one of my most favorite songs, this could very well be my theme song. I have had so many amazing people who spoken into my life and now I get to do that for others. I hope you are blessed by that song. Have a great night- or morning depending on where you are!

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