"We cannot do great things on the Earth only small things with great love."

Something new, well new for me at least. I have loved seeing all the cardboard backed layouts and finally I got around to trying one! I love the texture!! So fun and easy to work with! I even made a tutorial for Scrapbooking From the Inside Out! Of course this is from the Generosity kit this month, I love the dark rich colors. I did add some things to this layout that weren't in the kit because this was actually the last layout I did. The flowers (Prima)and the netting were not in the kit. The bling and the ribbon (Websters) were from a previous kit. If you see the other layouts you will see that Rachel includes lots of Primas and other pretty embellishments in all her kits. Oh yeah - using and loving my new Martha Stewart punch!
How cute is my baby girl! I am not biased at all!! Those little leaves surrounding the Prima flowers were cut with my Cricut.

This is a quote by Mother Teresa that I love - I had to cut off her name , it didn't fit! The background is actually photo paper. I use this technique a lot - I spray it with Moon Glow spray in copper and Orange, let it dry then print my journaling on it. Love that Moon Glow stuff!

The upper right hand corner is Texture paste - the same kind the use on walls with stencils.
I also sprayed the cardboard (after I ripped it up) with the Moon Glow.
This being National Adoption Awareness month I found that quote quite fitting. Not everyone is called to adopt but everyone can help in the life of a child directly and indirectly.
Did you know that if you are interested in adopting but don't have thousands of dollars to pay for a private adoption you could do a special needs adoption in our own state and they have programs to help you not only adopt but with medical needs of the child as well. * Can I quickly say somethng about special needs adoption? There are no perfect children, even when you have a biological child you are taking a chance that something could go very wrong. Don't get distracted because they might be "special needs" they are all children in desperate need of a good home and a loving family - it might be yours!
Here is a good place to start.
http://www.adoption.com/ Here are some listings by state

If you want to adopt overseas and need help or would like to help financially you could check this out
If adoption is not for you and you cannot give financially you can help out a family who has adopted - babysitting, a meal, a listening non judgemental ear... We have a friend who always buys our kids backpacks each year - something so simple makes a world of difference. If they have alot of kids and you feel like it's too much for you perhaps you can take one at a time for ice cream or something? Think out of the box! Reminds me of this other quote
“To the world, you may be one person; but to that one person you may be the whole world.”
I don't know who said this but I know that YOU CAN make a difference in the life of a child! (and bonus, God will bless you for it! ;) )

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