Fabulous Friday - Not Forgotten

Gone for a bit but now I'm back! Gotta love when hubby says pack the kids we're going out of town! 5 days of fun on the road - did I mention kids and 8 1/2 hours driving time?! But I digress, no, really, it was a good time!

Here is another layout from the "Generosity" kit at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out! In thinking about this theme I remembered something that happened to me last Christmas and it was perfect for this months theme...Definitely worth the read!
Here's the journal up close...

God never forgets His people. I admit I can get frustrated by life and lose my perspective. This was one of those times…I had a solo in a Christmas Program. In addition to this my hubby and I direct a youth choir and drama team and teach a Sunday school class. Many times the team is a full time job, only we volunteer to do it. We love doing it and we love the kids. Certain times of the year we run 24/7. At this time I was tired, frustrated, feeling unappreciated and doing things out of obligation.

When the production was over, a lady from the audience came to talk to me. She said that a guy sitting next to her handed her this money and asked her to give it to me. She said that God told him to empty his wallet when I was singing my song and to give me whatever he had! I tried to give it back as she hands me this wad of bills. She said I can’t take it back because he left and she didn’t know the guy! She said she was just happy to be the messenger; he didn’t want to be identified.

I didn’t know what to say except thank you. I was in shock. I waited until I got into the car to tell my hubby; he couldn’t believe it either! He asks me much money was there. I had not counted it… When I did count it, there was $540.00!!!!
Sometimes we look to man to fulfill us and meet our needs. God has shown us time and time again that He always meets our needs. He knows when we need a quick reminder of who He is and how He loves us.
I love cutting things to make them pop just a little. I used chalk and then copper Stickles for those flowers on the right. Can you tell I just got a new border punch! (Martha Stewart) The paper is from SEI, the Moraiva collection. The cardstock is Co ordinations.

On this fabulous Friday I would like to give you five:

Five things I am thankful for
1. That I am saved
2. My family
3. My friends
4. The generosity of others
5. Music and scrapbooking (OK, that's six... shh don't tell anyone)

Five things I love
1. God
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Music
5. Scrapbooking

hmmm...that wasn't much different..Interesting.

Well, I've got something up my sleeve for Monday and I may need your help so don't forget to check back! Meanwhile maybe you could leave me five things you are thankful for! Awesome!
Have a great weekend!

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