I'm Back!!! (and I'm having a giveaway!!! Scraptoberfest!!!)(closed)

I am back!!! Hi all and thanks you so much for those who left me comments, prayers and emails on my surgery (see previous post). I will be getting back to all of you soon! Obviously I am finally on the mend and able to use my hands! Well, mostly... for short periods of time anyways! I have lots to share so I will probably have to do the post in several sittings.

I did this layout before I went into surgery and now that I'm back I felt it most appropriate. Its a good thing the doc took care of both wrists at the same time because as painful and inconvenient as that was I would be way too chicken to go through that again!!!

What I have realized in the past 3 weeks... I totally take the use of my hands and wrists for granted. Simple things like brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, rubbing in the shampoo when I wash my hair, taking the cap off my deodorant, putting a rubber band or scrunchy in my hair, buttoning my pants, zipping up a zipper, holding a glass up to drink...the lists goes on and on - are all the things I have not been able to do for myself the past few weeks. Talk about frustrating!

I am getting better everyday - I can do those things for myself now. I still have pain, can't lift, pull, reach or use a scissors but the pain is from surgery - not De Quervains. This is normal (I am told) and the scars are healing up pretty nicely. Bruising is almost non existent, which is pretty darn good; I have seen some ugly photos online! I will not show you any disgusting photos of my surgery post op. Your welcome ;) When the bandages came off my 7 year old said "Mom can you please put the bandages back on those are making me sick to my stomach!" :0!!

Onto the layout! This was made with the October kit from Scrapbooking From the Inside Out. The theme this month is "Loss" and at first I thought it would be a hard topic - not to mention one I really didn't want to think about! But you know, as always it felt really good to get out some of those feelings on paper. (Scrap therapy ya know?) I was especially pleased when I found this quote "living means changing and change requires that we lose something before we gain something else" it helped me think this topic differently, not necessarily as a negative thing. As soon as I am fully healed from this surgery I want to do a follow up page (for closure) on this topic.

Details: I want to share with you that the quote is printed on photo paper that I sprayed with Moon glow sprays and then run through my printer. I love the love of those sprays! The background designs on journal spot is Pebbles shimmer chalk and stencils. (Also printed with the computer.) Here are some scrapbooking or journal ideas that you could use on this topic from SFTIO

"What You Gain: Every loss typically has a gain associated with it. What great steps, achievements and gains have you made in your life, and how often were those connected to an initial loss? What new things have you learned about yourself? What do you have now that you didn't have when you were younger? Did the passage of time or your hard work bring you more of what you want in your life?"

If this inspires you to create something I would love to see it - leave me a link! This will be a busy month blog wise so keep checking back every few days! Oh...should I offer an incentive to check in? Sure I should, leave me a comment after each post in the month of October and I will put you in a drawing to win something... "what will I win?" you may be asking yourself, hmmm... You will have to come back tomorrrow to see!! Maybe there will be more than one winner, that would be fun! Bonus- already a follower? Another chance. Not a follower? Become one, another chance to win! This is going to be fun, I have lots to share!!!

On a totally diferent topic...

EXPOSURE!!! OCTOBER 16~!!!! Is Creative Round-up Day at Creatively Yours Sketches! Readers, family members, scrappers from all over can choose a sketch from Creatively Yours http://creativelyyourssketches.blogspot.com/ , create and submit a card, a layout, an altered item or tag, bookmark, etc.... and be assured of being included in an online Creatively Yours Blog post.

ALL work received will be featured that day!!!

This "Round-Up" will ALSO be mentioned & linked by Angie at Scrapscene!!!http://www.scrapscene.com/
EACH person's NAME and BLOG addy if they wish. Hello...EXPOSURE!!!!
I need at least 3 friends to go over and see what Creatively Yours Sketches is all about, choose ANY Sketch , send it to Ali peteali@eastlink.ca by Oct 15th and it will be featured October 16 in the Round Up!!!! P.S. Tell her I sent you please!
***And hey I'm feeling generous, if you use the "loss" theme or a sketch( give me the number sketch) post me a link too and I'll give you another chance to win! Happy Sunday!

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