Wonderful, Beautiful, Marvelous

So for all you crafters out there do you listen to music when you work? Most of the time I don't, I usually I have running seasons of Smallville in the background. If I need a lift I have Women of Faith http://www.womenoffaith.com/ conference DVDs. Sometimes I do listen to music and then it absolutely affects my work! That's what happened here on this layout...
Perfect for my teenage daughter!
*The journal reads: I yearn for you to see yourself the way I see you...He made you wonderful, beautiful, marvelous.*
I love these photos, she hates them, thinks she looks awful . Teens, gotta love 'em. I feel like the one on the right captures her essence. I think she looks great! (This layout is also from the "yearning" kit at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.)
Here are the lyrics to the song...
True Beauty
(Written by Mandisa, Drew Ramsey, and Cindy Morgan) Sung by Mandisa

Do You think that a California girl is supposed to have curls and wear a jean size 3?
All the curves in all the right places, spray tanned faces like on TV?
And we read in the gospel of Vogue that we're all supposed to dress and move and be Visions of perfection
Such a misconception 'Cause the real connection is deeper than the eye can see
What's inside of you
What's inside of me
The hands that made the moon and the stars, the mountains and the seas
made you wonderful, beautiful, marvelously.
Let the whole world see your True beauty.

Don't know much about Dolce and Gabbana
Seems like a lot of drama to me
And you can keep all your red high heels and open-toed shoes - I'm good in my bare feet
Lets get down to the nitty gritty
Enough "sex and the city" What about purity?
Skin is just the surface
the passion and the purpose that's burning down inside us is really what we need to see

Doesn't come in a bottle, doesn't come in a box
You can't spray it on, you can't wash it off
You can't nip and tuck, you can't sew it up
So don't waste your time
It's the love in your heart, the peace in your soul
The hope in your smile lets the whole world know.
This little light - you gotta let it shine
***Chorus (x2)***
What's inside of you?
What's inside of me?
The hands that made the moon and stars the mountains and the seas
made you wonderful, beautiful, marvelously!
Let the whole world see your True beauty
Great lyrics huh? I love what it says - made my daughter listen to it. You can listen to it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sodDxW8Xo0E I think we all need a reminder that God made us beautiful, wonderful, marvelously. You are perfect just how you are! Awesome!

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