I've decided I'm not very good at titles - not very creative. Usually one word sums it up, today the word is never. Never will I leave you, never will I give up on you or us...

Here is the journal up close...
This is one of the layouts I did for a contest at Treasured Scrapbooking! There have been 5 rounds so far, I made it to round six which happens to be the final round. They started with 37 scrapbookers and have narrowed it down to three! So if nothing else I made the top three - that's pretty good considering how many talented ladies there are! This particular round part of the challenge was using recycled items. You also had to do some stitching.

Since I made this layout we figured out that our little guy was worried about the well being if his birth parents. We told him that he could pray for them, and he seemed relieved. That very night he went into another room by himself to pray for them. It has been a couple of weeks and he is feeling much better, not obsessing at all! Gotta love small victories! One day at a time!

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