You and me

"You and Me" Out for Publication

Woo hoo! So I am the featured designer over at Bisous Paper! You can check it out here and see my gallery for Bisous here! So of course "you and me" is on Bisous paper! This is a pictre of me and baby girl that our little night owl(5) took! Not to shabby! He's getting pretty good at this!

Last week the kids (all except baby girl) returned to school. I can't help but treasure the "alone" time with baby girl. Well Friday she went to preschool. Ah three hours by myself! We still get our alone time as she gets out at 11:40 and the rest of the kids don't get out until 3:50pm. Lets just say I am very excited about those three hours! In a family of 7 you don't usually get time alone in the house! LOL! So what did I do my first three hours? Well a quiet breakfast, listened to my fave speaker Charles Swindoll (with NO interruptions!), a little paperwork for the school and scrap booked of course! I can't wait until Monday!
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