Hey hey! On the road (5 more days) and keeping very busy!! Scrapbooking on the inside out revealed their new kit so I am able to post some layouts - unfortunately I am very pressed for time (not to mention exhausted!!!) so this will be short! This was made with the safety kit. This was inspired by a blog post that Mary K. Brennen wrote. I asked her if I could use it and she so graciously said yes.
Here is the journaling Mary wrote - (I changed boys to kids because I have both)
Today I am asking for a little chaos. Chaos will remind me that boys will be boys, and in the midst of your chaos there lies perfection.
Today I am asking for a bit of clumsiness. Clumsiness reminds me that all boo-boos both big and small will heal, but only the perfect band aid can be applied by Mommy.
Today I am asking for a temper tantrum. Temper Tantrums remind me of your stubbornness and how those apples didn't fall far from this tree.Mary K Brennen
Today I am asking for a little nonconformity. Nonconformity reminds me of your uniqueness and your uncanny ability to create "your own" style.
Today I am asking for mud pies and puddles. Mud pies and puddles allow me the opportunity to still enjoy "bath time" and watch as you splash one another clean again.
Today I am asking for a sniffle. Sniffles remind me that my nose wiping days are numbered. This causes Mommy to reach for 2 tissues: one for your sniffle, one for my tear.
Today I want you to walk ahead of me. Walking ahead of me reminds me of your curiosity and your need to just be a kid.
Finally, today I am asking for a hug. This final request may seem a bit more selfish than the other request, but hugs remind me of a job well done. They also remind me that you get it. You get that life is precious, you get that it's nice to be loved, and lastly, when there's no one left in the world who understands, you get that you can always count on your Mommy to listen.

Isn't that awesome? I just had to use it! (Thanks Mary!) I will post again soon!


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