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"By your side"
Out for publication

Finally I can share some things with you. This being my first design team reveal was hard. If I scrap something , I like to show it right away! It's hard keeping something a secret especially when you are excited about it! Todays layouts are all things I did with the Scrapbooking From The Inside Out July kit. The kit is called "Strentgh" and the colors are bold and complimenatary - perfect for the theme! I love this idea of scrapping your emotions, it's really changed the way I scrapbook.


By your side - 10th AVE North

On the picture you will find the words to this song, I have used a part of this song before for my little guy but the words are so powerfull that I knew I would also use it for a layout about me.

the words say:

Why are you striving these days? Why are you trying to earn grace? Why are you crying? Let me lift up your face, just don't turn away. Why are you looking for love? Why are you still searching as if I'm not enough? To where will you go child? Tell me where will you run? To where will you run?
And I'll be by your side, wherever you fall in the dead of night whenever you call and please don't fight these hands that are holding you. My hands are holding you.

Look at these hands and my side, they swallowed the grave on that night when I drank the world's sin, so I could carry you in and give you life. I want to give you life

(Chorus 2x)Cause I, I love you. I want you to know that I, I love you I'll never let you go.


(my journal on the bottom of the page reads)

The first time I heard this song I was blown away. I felt so convicted and moved at the same time. Why do I try so hard to be so good, to do all the right things, to be the best, as if I could earn grace? Why do I look for approval from others when it really shouldn’t matter what people think? Why do I let people hurt me with their judgments and opinions? I know better, but I fall into the same trap every time. It is in those moments that I hear a song like this that reminds me that although I am weak and insecure He is strong enough for both of us.
( by the way, my 5 year old took this picture! Not to shabby!)
Out for Publication

Here is the journaling for this layout:

Something as simple as peeling off soaking wet socks off of little feet reminds me that these “mommy” days are quickly fleeting. I think about all the things I do as “mommy” to help my children grow into strong and confident people, it actually goes very quickly.
Next year my oldest will graduate from High School. It seems like yesterday I was putting on her socks and shoes! I have prayed for my kids. I have prayed that I am doing the right thing to help mold them into productive, respectful, discerning, responsible, happy, strong adults that love God. My oldest will graduate in 2010, baby girl will graduate 2023!!! Maybe somebody should be praying for MY strength!

"18 Years"
Out for Publication
These flowers and brads were not in the kit but I was going crazy not using flowers so I broke down and added them to the layout. I thnk it was exactly what it needed!

Here is the journaling for this one:
I was looking for a quote about marriage because I feel that our marriage is strong and it breaks my heart that everything I found was sarcastic, rude and pessimistic. Now I certainly don’t pretend that our marriage is perfect but it is strong. Marriage is a partnership, it does take work and investment but if you are both equally committed to making it work, to each other and to God you can make it!
Before we were married one of the things we decided on was the D word – it is not allowed (divorce). That was rule number 1 if we were going to make it! Rule number 2 was that our problems (everybody has them- shocking I know!) stayed between husband and wife. I don’t remember if we had any other rules but I know that having common interests has also kept us on task – even if we were having a tiff.

If there was something going on with the kids or our shared youth ministry that demanded our attention we had to put feelings aside and work it out. (Common interests… good.) I also believe that having other hobbies apart from each other (ahem…scrapbooking) has helped keep us strong. He supports it and I can use it to remind me how wonderful family can be when life gets a little rough. (Yes, my life is not perfect I can admit that!) Having date night is also very important. Talking about the important things and the not so important things is crucial. Have a good laugh together! Trust is the key to all of this.
Every time I turn around somebody is telling me about another couple getting divorced- it’s so sad because it does not get easier with a new person. Marriage is work but it can also be fun, your mate should be your best, closest friend. Mine is.

( Iused paint, moon glowand glossy accents on the lace paper.)

Out for Publication

Here is the journaling for this one:
Today my five year old asked if he came out of my tummy and who came out first. I was a little taken aback about what I was hearing and I tried to get more information from him. He got more adamant about knowing the order in which the kids in our family came out of my tummy. My little night owl knows he’s adopted but apparently there was a slight misunderstanding! By now my stalling has aggravating him and I decide to get backup and call on hubby. . We ask him if he knows that he is adopted (which he should we’ve never not talked about it) and he says “yes but WHERE did I come from?” So we explain that he came out of his birth mothers tummy but that she could not take care of him so we took him in and adopted as our own. We remind him that we love him very much and are so happy to have him as our son. He is looking at us as though we are crazy and says “who is this birthmother?” We have one picture and show it to him. Hubby asked “but who is your mommy?” He points to me and walks out. Just like that, happy as can be, on with his little happy self. Meanwhile I feel like I wreck!

You never know when you are going to be on the spot for one of these conversations and I always think I’m going to be ready but when it happens…well let’s just say I don’t feel very confident at those times! I am always second guessing myself wondering if I said the right thing, or too much, or not enough. I know I will make mistakes but part of it is that these kids have been through so much already, I don’t want to add to their insecurities! Personality flaw, maybe. But maybe it’s not just about them it’s about God changing me and making me stronger while helping my little ones.

I had to make an altered item in addition to the layouts and these metal pieces were in the kit so I put them on a chain. My oldest walks in and says "Hey thats cool , can I have that?" SO I guess my instincts were pretty good!


I do have one more project to share but this post is so long already that I've decided to save it until tommorrow! I have other reasons too...I'm going to give it away!!! So come back tomorow to check it out and to find out how you can have it. :)

Last but not least here is the kit before I started my projets so you can see how fabulous it is, all by itself! Rachel does an awesome job putting these kits together!((Thank you Rachel!))

You can get more close ups and info here Come by tomorrow!!!

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