Christmas in July!! (updated!)

I am participating in my firs blog hop , where you can go and read other peoples blog and see what goodies they have on their site! This blog hop is Christmas themed so I thought it would be fun! If you click on the Christmas banner on the right it will take you where all the blogs participating are listed. So grab a cup of coffee and go blog hop! ( Finish looking at mine first and don't be shy leave me a little comment, I love to hear what you think!)

Today I was feeling a bit under the weather and because I am so busy, and procrastinated a bit I waited too long and had to take my pics inside. I hate doing that because they don't come out as well; not to mention that my fave camera is in the shop so I have to use a point and shoot! :(

I love Christmas, as most people due and one of the traditions we have is our little ones participating in the Christmas Pageant at church. They are so cute and even if they panic and just stand there the audience goes aaaww!

All of the paper I used are from Bisous!
A little ornament I made. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to count your blessings all through the year!

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