Today, probably

" Today"

I am so glad to be home! I am finally caught up on all the laundry from our trip and almost have everything put away! Whew! I dragged all my scrappy stuff with me on our little trip and accomplished nothing! :O!

However I always have something up my sleeve because I am on two totally cool design teams! The picture above was inspired by a sketch from This was so much fun! I have it hanging in my scrapbook room right now! I had to wait until it was posted at CY before I could post it here! If you haven't used a sketch before you should go check it out! Ali and Noella have some really cute ones and the team did a fabulous job at interpreting this one!While I was out and about with no Internet service (seriously in this day and age to not have Internet service in a hotel seems so archaic! But I digress...) I had so many lovely ladies stop by and leave the sweetest comments! Thanks for saying such sweet things! I even got two blog awards - so sweet!
I love that little bird! I've been doing a lot of hand cutting lately. I actually understand now why my little guy likes cutting, it's very soothing.

My cutie pie left my this sweet note on mothers day, I copied it and shrunk it to fit the layout. He adds the word "probably" to everything he says.

Me "Did you have a good day at school today"

Him "Probably yes." (this means yes)
Me "Did you play with your friends"

Him "Probably yes, we were running and chasing each other."(this means yes)

Me " Did you like what they served for lunch?"

Him " Probably no, I didn't even eat it mom!" (This means no)

And that is how the conversations go with my little guy!

Probably, it would be good for you to keep checking back! Oh yes, probably I have some exciting things around the corner! I will be very busy the next couple of weeks and then I will have some really fun things to post, probably. ;)

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