Potty Capers

Well I am not home from my trip but I do have access to Internet tonight so I decided to make a blog entry! I would love to post a little scrap eye candy but the stuff I've been working on is top secret for now! LOL! However I thought I'd give you a little inside view of my trip.

First of all yes, we are traveling with ALL 5 of our kids. (Picture me rolling my eyes because this is no way a vacation - this is work!) This story is about baby girl, who IS fully potty trained and has been for almost a year. When you are out and about with kids you may find yourself in the predicament of having to find and use a public restroom. Not a problem - I can do it, I'm actually quite experienced at it. However I had no training for the reaction that was to come when baby girl experienced for the first time the fast and furious flushing sound of an automatic toilet!!! Here we are in the Wendy's(fast food) restroom, the toilet automatically flushes and baby girl jumps off the toilet, starts screaming and crying hysterically and almost knocks me down as she is rushing to the door of the stall! I manage to get her undies and pants back on but in her hysterics she is fighting me! It was so bizarre! I managed to get her calmed down after we were safely in our car. I explained to her what it was and she said the noise scared her. I thought we handled it and were doing fine until she had to go again...

This time she started screaming as soon as I opened the stall door - I tried to calm her down and explained to her that she was going to have to use this toilet if she has to go potty. She cried and screamed but she did use the potty. We did lots of holding and explaining. Again I thought we figured it out.

The next time she had to go potty I made sure I had back up! I brought in my oldest and told her what to expect. By now she had held it through two public restrooms and we knew if she didn't go soon she would probably have an accident. Picture me in a stall, holding baby girl over the toilet - her arms are stretched out as she is trying to stop herself with the sides of the stall while kicking and screaming as my oldest is trying to grab her legs! I am so sure that the other ladies in the bathroom were wondering what was going on but in the state we were in I was not in the mood to explain, they probably wouldn't have believed me anyways!

After that she didn't even tell us when she had to go potty; well not until after she already went. Now I am feeling like a bad mommy for torturing my girl; I mean really, who likes public restrooms? So I went shopping and bought her pull ups, she would tell me when she went and I would change her. Much less stress for all involved. Hopefully we will be back to normal when we get home and she can go in her own restroom!

The things we do for our kids.


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