To my friends on the message boards...You may notice that I haven't been around, well it is an extremely busy time for me! In addition to my family of 6(hubby and kids) this is my first month as a Design Team member at Scrapbooking From The Inside Out! I have been busy putting together projects from the fabulous kit Rachel sent me. I can't show you those projects yet but I can tell you that the kit was so totally fun! I should be able to post a sneak peek soon!

In addition I have another sketch from Creatively Yours that I finished and will be posting soon...

I have also been crazy busy getting ready for, and now working fireworks for a fundraiser. This is our biggest money maker for our youth choir and drama team and we need the money to go on our trip! Today was the craziest day! Here we are June 26th and it has been pouring rain on and off! The tent even flooded twice! We have been scrambling to get everything up off the floor, unpacking and packing things back up because of the weather! It's been quite frustrating!

So I'm not gone, just busy...but I'll be back! Meanwhile I left you a layout I finished. 50 random things about me. I hope you can read because I did it as a challenge and do not want to type up those 50 things I wrote! LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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