Class of 2023 !?!

I have so many cool things I am working on but I just can't share yet! So I'll share this fun layout that I had less than an hour to create! It was so fun, it was a challenge on a site - they gave you specific instructions and you had to post it within the the hour. It took me about 40 minutes- I thought I was fast but some of the other ladies had it done before me!
This is my little guy on his kindergarten graduation day- I was in shock that day when they did a slide show and the last slide showed the whole class and the words "Congratulations Class of 2021"! This may not seem shocking to you but it is to me because our oldest graduates next year, class of 2010! And baby girl hasn't even started school yet, she will graduate with the Class of 2023! I'm tired just thinking about it!!!

Meanwhile have you checked out this months challenges at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out the challenges are all about renewal. (challenges are here ) My favorite so far is the one about what makes you renewed and what wears you out. Well I tell you right now this "so called" summer vacation is wearing me out! LOL! The kids are keeping me busy, busy, busy! (Class of 2023! Can you feel me rolling my eyes!) As far as renewal goes -prayer, singing, worship, scrapbooking are all things that renew me.
What renews you?

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