A very long day...

It's been a hard week, seriously. So today I needed something light. Nothing lighter than a happy fun loving three year old! Baby girl knows how to light up even the most somber room! (paper is My Minds Eye & K& CO, sketch is 52/52)

Being a mom is hard sometimes! Today all five kids and hubby were home. No school (picture me rolling my eyes) parent teacher conferences.

10 am I started my day taking half of the bunch to the hospital for tests for my eldest. Another thyroid test - we had hoped by now that it had returned to normal but it hasn't. We are grateful that it is not her heart like the doctors originally thought.

11:30 Because schedules were overlapping hubby took the other half of the bunch to the first parent teacher conference. (I was on the other side of town.)

12 noon We were both finished but had to meet at the bank for some business, deposits etc. Then we took the brood to lunch.

1 pm We took the group to therapy- one of our little guys has anxiety issues.

2pm We took the bunch to get the two little boys haircuts that were desperately overdue!

3pm I took the girls back to the hospital to get the second set of my eldest daughters test done while hubby took the boys home. Baby girl about lost it when she peeked in on big sister and could not see her head in the "big machine"! The lab tech took her on the other side to show her that her head was still attached!

3:45 - 5pm After the tests we had to go by work for my eldest to get her schedule and it took us almost an hour to get home with all the traffic! It usually only takes us twenty minutes! We got home and grabbed a quick snack for the kiddos and headed back out again!

5:30pm Parent teacher conferences for our eldest son.

6 pm Parent teacher conference for youngest son, different school.

6:30 pm Hit the grocery store for dinner that I would not have to cook!

7 pm Late dinner

7:30 Wash the little ones up and got them ready for bed

8pm Kiddos in bed and checking my email and bloggin'.

MAN! It's been a LONG no fun, boring day!
Thank God tomorrow is not such a crazy day!


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