A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

I love, love anything that makes me think or create! So here are some inspirations I want to share with you!

First you may notice a little blinkie for "A faith perspective" (on the right) you can click on it and check out a new christian/papercraft online magazine. They have this wonderful article called "Faithbooking the Everyday". Here is a quote from the writer Anne House.

"Our scrapbooks need to become less about what we’ve done and more about what God has done through how we’ve lived. The values we hold and the ways we have acted on those beliefs and the people we hold dear comprise the every day of our lives. The special days, the events need to be recorded, but the every day of our lives should not be forgotten."

How awesome is that? I have not totally navigated my way around the site yet but what I have seen is pretty cool. I am sure that most of you are a lot more technically savvy than I am! LOL! And they have good taste, they picked my "going through the motions" layout for one of their LO of the week! Another thing that is so fun and driving me lately are these online crops! Right now the one (below) at scrapperrie is totally fun! I love when they give you a little time to get the challenges done - you have until Monday if you still want to participate!

Oh and don't let me forget that I love a good challenge! My latest discovery is "scrapbooking from the inside out. " (You can click on them under my fav's) They scrapbook different emotions and this month is about hope- I created this LO from a sketch by Ali Mac Donald over at Creativelyyours.wordpres.com (very cool skecth site -more inspiration!). The prompt was 3 things to wish for. I did 3 wishes for baby girl!

Well, thanks for stoppin' by!


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