Happy Mothers Day!

So did you have a wonderful mothers day? I hope so! Yeah I'm talking to you. You who have mentored a child, been there for a friend, provided much need advice, been honest and loving to another. I have five children but I know that I have mothered many more -even taken them into my home. Some of the kids I've worked with call me mom, not to take the place of their mothers but in realization that I care and love them as if they were my own; And they know I am there for them.

On mothers day, this is going to sound weird but I had a pleasant day (well part of the day) all to myself. I had no interest in going to a crowded restaurant, or hangin' out with the kids somewhere. I just want some "me" time. I cannot tell you the last time I was able to take a shower without being interrupted by little people and their needs, or tattling! So it was nice, quiet, got to scrapbook and that's always fun! Later hubby brought the kids back and did a BBQ so I didn't have to cook. Not too shabby! I sent mom her package ( previous post) so all was taken care of!

Onto today's layout! Um, no I did not do a mothers day LO - I have never been one to scrap whatever holiday it is, I scrap whatever moves me at the time! I shared the prom pics of my eldest in a previous post, this is what I did with one of them! I asked her about her hopes and dreams and she surprised me with these quick answers...
Any body who knows my daughter will be surprised at the two kids answer- I was and so was her brother! Having the three little ones with special needs can be a bit much sometimes and she has always said "I'm never having any kids!" I remind her not to say that out loud! When I was growing up I always said I would only have one and now I have five! LOL ! God has a sense of humor.
Just a close up of all the cutting, inking, chalking, stickles etc! The paper is from Rusty Pickle. I found a new (well new to me) website that gives out challenges about emotions, thoughts and dreams. They are so thought provoking - if you are in a scrapbooking rut or are new to scrapping you need to check it out. They have amazing prompts and the ladies there are so honest and raw. I love that! I am totally inspired! Check it out! Anybody who has met me knows how passionate I am about scrapbooking- "your life story" matters! This site has the same philosophy and gives prompt to help you get there! Very cool - check it out here http://www.scrapbookingfromtheinsideout.com/about.html
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