Got teens?

This is a lO for anyone who has a teenager or preteen. I read this discussion over at scrapbooking from the inside out about a time when your realized something- when your eyes were opened. When something was made very clear to you. Then you had to scrap a LO with mostly clear elements. I used transperencies (Fancy Pants, Hambly), acrylic letters(Spare Parts), ghost flowers(Heidi Swapp) I did put an SEI paper behind it- it was much easier to photgraph that way. Here it is without the SEI paper- it looks much better in person! I used in and emboosing powder on the flowers and letters. I embossed the half circle behind the title and journaling.

The Journaling is printed below in case you can't read the photo...
"Anyone who has teenagers knows it’s hard to watch your kids make
mistakes and fall…hard. I’ve had this book on the shelf for a while and have not read it. I was passing by the bookshelf the other day and decided to pick it up and read some of it.

The book talked about how God was the perfect parent, Adam and Eve were his children and they were rebellious and sinned. It wasn’t His fault or His choice for them. God handled the rebellion with swift punishment. God understands how it feels to do everything good for your children and then have to watch your beloved children sin and stumble through life. I believe his heart breaks daily with our choices.

It was IN THIS MOMENT that I realized that my kids are old enough (well the oldest two) to take responsibility for their actions. We have always held them accountable but somehow I feel responsible for their choices, as if I can control their free will. It is not what I’ve done but the choice that they have made. If they make a bad choice it is not about me, or my parenting skills; it’s about free will; it’s their choice. If Adam and Eve rebelled against the perfect parent why am I surprised when my kids make a bad choice?

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