Got crafts?

Sometimes you see something and it inspires you to do something totally different! This was an ad challenge at Citrus Tree Studio (see below)and this is what I did with it (see above). As I was doing this challenge it reminded me of elementary school and how much time I used to spend drawing rainbows! (Admit it so did you!) I've always loved color! So I got my paint brushes out and went to town!
Now I must admit this was a bit out of the box for me with so many colors and so much going on but hey it's a creative challange right? So I painted away. Then I sprayed it with glimmer mist, then broke out my stickles! Then I painted this again and again, it just wasn't coming out how I originally intended. Seriously it was driving me nuts! You know when you get to the point that you just have to get it right because it's like it won if you don't?! (Ok maybe thats just me, but I digress...) As if that wasn't enough I broke out my snow tex for the cloud! I love that stuff - the picture doesn't do it justice! But in the end I was ok with the way it turned out!LOL! I've had these letters forever, found them on clearance somewhere... Oh and last but not least I stamped and embossed the crowns onto cardstock then sprayed them with moon glow, then added a little bling! Then I had to cut them out and bend them so they wouldn't stick out on the sides! They look so cool!
I don't know what I'll do with it but it hey I didn't quit! "Quitters never win!" (hey is my dad here?) Maybe you can you should take a creative challenge! I know a lot of you are super creative that read my blog! Happy creating!


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