Little Women

It has been busy around here! Last weekend I told you about our District Fine Arts Festival, what I did not tell you is that our oldest missed her prom to participate. This weekend was another local schools prom so she and a friend (who also missed her prom and is on our team) decided to go! They did not have dates and I must admit, at first we weren't thrilled. It was a whim, but they convinced us to let them go. (Good thing mom had bought a dress on clearance after last prom season!) So we had a friend do alterations (Thank you J!), went shopping for shoes and I spent most of the day straightening her hair! (Oh yeah it is crazy curly!) You know I would have never gone to a prom alone but it's a different time and I think they will have a blast. They sure look pretty! I love that they are two smart and beautiful independant (young) women, they know that they do not need a man (boy) to go out and have fun! You go girls! I am very proud of these "little women". (Oh! Both girls already had their dresses, they did not plan them to match but it sure is going to make for great scrapbooking!)

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