Just for fun!

If you didn’t know I am a Plum Hostess over at Vintage Plum and we rotate weekly. (This is Vintage Plum paper, part of the latest kit over at VP.) Next week is my turn so I’m thinking we need to have a little fun!

I like a challenge so starting on Monday April 13th I’m going to be giving lots of chances to win some RAK! “What’s RAK?” you ask? I’m glad you asked that question! It’s Random Acts of Kindness! (I'm new to all these terms so I always explain in case you didn't know!) So I’ve put together a little prize package – not that I’m rich but I am blessed! Wanna peak?
Here’s how it’s going to work; for a chance to win this RAK we are going to have a weeklong contest over at VP– there will be many opportunities so you are going to have to check the forum! (the link is http://www.vintageplum.com/blog/ ) This contest will run from Monday April 13th - 19th! Every time you complete a challenge you get a chance to win! The tricky part is that the challenge can be under any forum category so you have to come find me! Hee hee! Kind of like “Hide and Seek”! I will announce the winner on Sunday night’s blog! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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