Dollar store finds!

What can you do with a dollar store scrapbook? Yeah thats right I found this little book at a dollar store! How about this..... I made this for a challange over at VP ( it had to be inspired from the movie "Twilight" - but really I made it for my oldest who will be a senior in high school next year. On the cover is a quote from her favorite series "Twilight" it says...
My daughter loves the character Alice and now that I am looking at this close up - I must be tired because I am cracking myself up thinking "senior" in this quote could mean another significant time in our lives! OK so I'm not a "senior" yet but when I get there maybe I'll make a book like this for me! LOL!
How about some detail? a little Prima bling and flowers! The brads are spare parts.
I love this paper underneath
I did rip out the center of the rose paper, rolled it back, inked it and burnt some of the edges. I would love to tell you the lines of these papers - but I've had these papers forever, before I started noticing who made what ect. Honestly I have no clue! They looked good together so I used them. I am not a paper snob! ANd I gave it to her tonight- she loves it! The quote made her laugh!


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