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First scrapbook news!

Remember these?

These are just a few of my layouts that are on the GCD Studios blog!
How cool is that? I am their first spotlight! Go here to check it out!

I totally stink at cards so I decided to enter a card making challenge at Scrapperrie. I figure with more practice I've got to get better right? Here are some that I made!

This last one is my favorite- I think I might have to make a layout with this paper! Love the colors!

Update: Those who were praying for my son, thank you so much. He has healed beautifully- I will not be posting any before or after pictures, there is a very large scar on his face. The boy that did this is facing criminal charges for assault. The DA offered him a deal, he did not take it so it is going to trial. It makes me sad for him because in an instant he made a decision that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. I am so grateful that it was not my sons neck or eye- it was very close. We have talked about how close he came and as a young teen this was a huge reality check for him. It made him think about what is really important. Life is short. Let the people in your life know you love them everyday! Thanks for checking in!

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