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I love these pictures, it shows joy and laughter but it also shows the relationship between the siblings. Baby girl loves the attention she gets from big brother and he dotes on baby girl. All of our little ones know where to go when they want to have some fun, whether it's a tickle, wrestling or just watching a movie.
Last night we were in the hospital with this boy. He and his friend were walking a girl and her little sister home when a group of boys started following them, calling them names and looking for a fight. They tried to ignore them but they could not lose them. They didn't even know these boys. The girl they were walking home finally turned around and told them to stop when one of the boys took a swing at her, my boy jumped in between them and pushed the boy back. He took a swing at my boy missed and another boy came at him from the side with a broken beer bottle! He cut my boys face and then those boys took off running. Several people saw it happen and called 911. The fire department and police department came and my boy was transported to the hospital. He recieved over 30 stitches in his face. He is in pain, he is swollen and we brought him home wearing a bandage over his face.
We do not live in LA or NY, we live in a very small town, these things are not suppossed to happen here. And yes, I know these things happen everywhere but it's so wrong! It breaks my heart that these things happen. My heart breaks for my son was just standing up for a young lady, what a gentleman is suppossed to do. What we have taught him to do! In the hospital he was more concerned about that his friends little sister (6 years) saw everything than what he was going through. He told us how he was glad it was him and not his friends that got hurt because he could take it. The fireman told me that he was very brave and calm. They were impressed that he knew right away to take off his shirt and apply pressure to the wound. (He has done volunteer work at the fire station and they all knew him.)
Many people saw what happened, everybody witnessed to the officers and had the same story- even the kids that got away were rounded up and turned on the boy that did the slashing. When we got home we had lots of messages from his friends parents wanting to make sure that he was alright. The young lady's mom called and thanked us for raising such a good young man, she said he was a hero in her eyes and her daughters.
I did a lot of crying, and praying. I did not sleep last night. I know that God covered him because of where this happened on his face. God covered his eyes and his neck - it could have been worse, and we know it could have been fatal. He will have a scar, and he will have a story. They said he would feel worse as the numbness wore off and I was beside myself - he was already in so much pain! But he got up this morning and said it wasn't that bad. ( I think he's trying to be brave- I made him take the pain killers anyway!
The boy (yes boy, he's in middle school) was arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon. You know my son never showed any anger towards this kid- he just gave the police the facts of what happened and how. God must be doing something in him, and in me because I not only grieved for my son - but for this boy and the choice he made. I prayed and cried for his parents, because if you have raised or are raising a teenager you know they can do some pretty stupid things! Some choices change you entire future.
So I was not able to scrap last night- or today, too tired and emotionally spent. I did try to lighten up the moment- the cops took so many pictures of his wounds that we teased him
about scrapbooking it. I won't, but I had to share this because he is so brave, he is a gentleman and was willing to lay down his life for his friends. He told me today that he had alot of time to think about what happened, he said that on the way to the hospital he was afraid that the last words he had spoken to his father were in anger and he might not be able to take it back if he didn't make it. He didn't want his dad to remember him that way. I reminded him that God had His hand on him, had given him a second chance to make things right. God had protected him and that this is exactly why you need to be careful not to ever leave things on bad terms because you just never know.
So pray for my son and a speedy recovery. (physically and mentally- I don't think he's had time to process it all, he's only 14) Pray for this boy that did this and his parents- our storm is over, theirs is just beginning. Tell your friends and family you love them and cherish them today. I am glad tommorrow is church - I need some filling up. I feel better that I was able to write this down - maybe tonight I can sleep. He will give me rest. God takes care of those He loves and I am grateful He loves my boy even more than I do.

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