Made in the USA

I must confess that I am not always looking for things found in the USA, mostly I am looking for the best prices. I am excited to be a part of the Vintage Plum team where everything is made in the USA. As we have so many people out of work in the USA I think it is important to support our local economy! It is very frustrating to me that everything seems to be made in China. I went to Hobby Lobby to find some things made in the USA, I had no idea how hard that would actually be! I did however find these really cool felt squares made in the USA!
This is the front - how pretty it is! I love the pattern! There were several patterns, some with glitter, some plain. And you ask what will I do with these felt squares?
I made these flowers! One was already swiped by my oldest to wear in her hair!
I made these flowers with my sizzex dies, a few brads and stickles . So I challenge you to check those labels before you buy! If you have the option by made in the USA!

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