For the birds...

Well I am so close to using all of my Vintage Plum kit! I love this little bird that was in the kit! It was a plain white chipboard shape of a a bird. I added my leftover scraps from the Vintage Plum paper ( the one with the coo coo clock) on one side. I used stickles, sanded and inked this side. I love making doodles!

It was a little difficult to photograph because it was so windy! I did add my own ribbon on the tail!
I used ink and stickles on this side, added a brad for the eye. I was going to hang it in baby girls room but my oldest saw and said "Is that for me? That is so cute!" So of course I had to give it to her- after I got a few good shots of course!

The last layout with the crush kit! Going with the theme for today -"Song bird". I loved making the little notes out of the note paper by Jenni Bolin. The cute bird I cut our from the Luxe paper. Anybody who knows me knows that music is my heart so it's very cool that baby girl takes after her mommy in the singing department!

Baby girl sings all the time, even as she falls asleep. She makes up beautiful songs about all the people she loves in her life. Sometimes it's a familiar tune and her own words, sometimes it's a tune she made up on the spot! How awesome that God would give her the same talent He gave me! I remember my mom telling me I would do the same thing as a little girl!

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