Acrylic anyone?

I love creating small things! This cute litle acrylic album is 2x3 inches. The edges are like those of a postage stamp! So fun! The quote here on the cover is "The most important thing in life is to give our love and to let it come in." I used white rub ons as they show up nicely on acrylic. My oldest daughter- I am blessed with beautiful children! Rub ons here too. Cute dangling little heart on the side.
My middle guy- black and white rub ons and epoxy letter stickers. The trick with acrylic is to hide the adhesive you use with decorated stratigic mini pages. I use the flat pop dots. You can also use brads or snaps to hold your pictures on the page. I love fibers and ribbons too!
One of these days I will figure out a better way to take pictures of acrylic and overlays! It's so hard to get true colors and no glare! My oldest son. You can also emboss acrylic- I stamped and embossed the"believe in yourself" onto a piece of paper this time.
Baby girl (pics are from 2008). I was able to dangle that little charm by using the big bite cropadile to punch a hole in the acrylic! I love things that that sparkle and dangle! Baby boy - note the brad? Journal strips read "Love cannot be written on paper for paper can be erased, nor than on stone for stone can be broken. But is inspried on a heart and there it shall remain forever." I covered the paper with decopauge since it will be handled alot. I made this because here I am a scrapaholic and when people asked about my kids I never had any pictures on me! Now I do! If you haven't tried doing an acrylic album you should try it they are so fun! TFL!

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