This has become one of my favorite layouts for several reasons, one it absoloutely shows baby girls personality, two her little feet are so stinkin' cute, and three I was able to also incorporate a ton of flowers, which she also loves! Here is what the journaling says,

"What is it about women and shoes? Even little women! When I take you kids to get new shoes you always light up! Even when you were a baby, if we were in the shoe department you would kick your shoes off, hold out your little feet and squeal with joy until one of us put new shoes on your little feet! We all learned very early that you love shoes! You also get very upset when you outgrow a pair; you still try to wear them so I have to take them when you’re not looking! On more than one occasion you tell me how you love your shoes!"
Just look at those feet! I wish those sandals came in my size - but my feet wouldn't be as cute!

That is how my baby girl looks at me when she is totally happy - isn't it great that something so simple like shoes can make someones day? When she gives that smile, she makes my day!


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