Back to snowy weather! The past two days have been beautiful, the 5o's! The kids have enjoyed playing outside.
However the weather is changing, today we had a little rain and the snow is on it's way! :(

So I figure I'd post some snow layouts! This is our middle guy, cute huh? He is so fun to photograph. When I see his pic's I'm reminded of how far he's come! This boy is a walking miracle! When he was three months old they said he could not come home with us because he was to weak. His PKU was abnormal and they thought there was something with his heart. We waited and visited everyday, after a month we got to take him home.

Then they told us he was completely deaf and that he would never speak. So we got a therapist to teach him (and us)sign language - but I was very clear that she was also to speak to him as well. We wanted him to read lips. They did all this testing and therapy. We did alot of praying, so did our church, family and friends. Each test mystified the doctors - each test was a little better than the last. Then the thought was that he had partial hearing loss, then fluctuating hearing loss, then his hearing was completly normal but he still didn't speak. So we continued with therapy not knowing what else to do. There were other things... signs, behaviors. When he turned three he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He fit every description and some things finally made sense. At three and a half, still in therapy he started talking! Just like that! It was amazing!

More therapies, preschool and many issues continued - we tried so many things. We finally saw improvement, so much that we were told if evaluated now he would not be diagnosed with autism. Things still weren't right with him, but the things we were seeing were not typical of autism. After two years, he was then diagnosed with early onset bipolar. He was so out of control I went from "anti meds for kids" to "we'll try anything"! And I'm so glad we did because he is doing great now! He has had to work so hard at what other kids do naturally, his resiliance is amazing!

So with the help of doctors, therapists, medicines, and alot of research he is getting better every day! Do we still have issues? Yes, but look at him - we have our boy, sweet, loving, affectionate- yeah thats right! Affectionate, passionate, spirited and fun loving. Hmm and you would ask if I believe in God and miracles? Absoloutely. God has plans for this boy to give us all hope and a future! Amen to that!

P.S. Got an email from Becky at pagemaps.com asking me to do a card sample for next month!
Pretty cool - I love that website! If you're looking for some cool sketches go check it out!


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