Isn't she lovely

Isn't she lovely? Our oldest daughter at prom last year. She really is an amazing young lady. She is silly, smart, fun and cute. And thats not just me being a mom! This girl has everything going for her! And we are very proud of her.
Her date is special too - we comsider him as one of the family. They have been friends since about the third grade and he is such a young man. He is very grounded, responsible and sweet. We felt very good about them going together to prom- first date, for both of them.

Here she is with lil' brother. This cracks me up because they can be arguing one minute and the next be best buds. There is always lots of teasing going on. Siblings! Sheesh!

The dress - I have to say we searched everywhere for a dress that she would feel comfortable and beautiful in! We found this dress at the last store (after weeks of looking!) right when we were about to give up! I am so proud of her, she values modesty and look at her! Beautiful! Why do we allow the media to tell our young people that they have to show everything to be noticed? She said many girls complimented her dress. I think the dress was almost as lovely as the girl inside the dress!

Isn't she lovely?

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