"House" design team project

This is the first project I had to complete for the alterables design team at Allyscraps.com. They posted it on their blog so I figure I can post it here! This is an altered tin (provo craft). I used my cricut to cut the borders, windows, grass, door and for the tags. Inside are cards that could be used for recipes (which is very funny if you know me at all!) or for pictures of a new home. I made it easier on myself by using self adhesive paper (autumn leaves). The doorknob is a little rhinestone! The little writing says
"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home!" (unknown) I may have to use that in my home somewhere!
I will post whatever I make for this team here, I prefer layouts but this makes for a nice change every couple of weeks! Hope you come back to check it out!


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