Bucket list?

Ok so have you seen the movie "the bucket list". General plot is two older guys go the hospital, both close to death and decide to do everything they had on their "things to do before I kick the bucket" list. Can't tell you if it was good - wasn't really paying attention at the time but I got the general idea.

So it got me to thinking...and today I did a huge one on my "bucket list"! Some things are ongoing like; Letting the people in our lives know how we feel about them. Apreciating the everyday moments in our kids lives. I am accomplishing this by scrapbooking.

And today... I recorded a song!! Actually two songs, one is acapella (no music) ((someone asked for this)) and the other is contemporary gospel.

I will put them on here later when I figure out how to do it! LOL!

And because this blog is about the pictures here is another one for the "bucket list" - adpotion, did this one three times! What's on your "bucket list"?


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