I am not really a digital kinda gal but I did this digital layout, to blow up poster size, actually as a gag gift for christmas!

This is my hubby- crazy I know but I love him! We direct a youth choir and drama team and every year we take them to a district and national convention for fine arts. Last year we saw KJ52 and I knew my hubby would get a kick out of him - the kids already were fans. Well sure enough he really liked KJ52! So much so (and being the crazy character that he is) he began to create this whole other persona! 76! The kids were cracking up as he thought up all these crazy things 76 could do - mind you he has no musical talent, but the kids thought he was a riot and the ruse continued. (I teach the music- he teaches drama and other things!)

Many plans were made on this trip for publicity, fan sites, ministry oppertunities and tours. All the kids were assigned numbers that added up to 76 - I was 38 because I am half of 76 . The kids decided that any donations to 76 ministries would always have to end with 76. The kids even did interviews on the street to see if people had ever heard about 76 and/or 76 ministries! One guy tried to give them a dontaion towards 76 ministries, they had to give him change from the dollar (they could only collect 76 cents! 76 policy!) It was all in fun and the kids still talk about it!

The poster was personally autographed (a collectors item you know- only one of two) for our youth pastor who collects different memorabilia from different bands. We felt is was appropriate that he add this to his collection, after all he was there where it all began! (Yes he thinks my hubby is crazy but thats's why everybody loves him.)

I had fun making this layout, digital is ok, I still prefer traditional scrapbooking.
Thanks for stopping by!

more on KJ52 http://www.myspace.com/kj52
our youth choir/drama team www.freewebs.com/anactofpraise


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