I dare you to move

Since this is the first "official day" I figure I should start with a layout I did of myself, Don't get used to it because most times you won't even find me in a pic! I prefer taking them, although I did take these myself - an experiment, not bad. The journaling is one of my favorite songs "Dare you to move" by Switchfoot. The hidden journaling is about a a time when I really felt like I was being attacked, and I was - but I found out later I was standing in the gap for someone else. Ok, you ever pray that God would use you? This was not what I had in mind! Of course His ways are not our ways and He knows better than me! Now that it's over I'm glad He was able to use me to help someone else, and it did make me stronger.

The lyrics were perfect for the situation. "I dare you to move, I dare you to move, I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor. I dare you to move, I dare you to move like today never happened, like today never happened...Maybe redemption has stories to tell. Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell. Where can you run to escape from yourself? Where you gonna go? Where you gonna go? Salvation is here."


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